Physical Treatment

Signature plus physical therapists can diagnose and treat a wide range of injuries, disabilities, and health conditions. Our experts use:

Electro physiotherapy

They use thermal, mechanical, electrical or light energy on the patient to provide physiological effects and therapeutic benefits. Signature Plus Physiotherapists use these techniques to treat most conditions and injuries.

Manual Physiotherapy

A specialized form of physical therapy delivered by hand instead of machines, Signature Plus experts use their hands to apply pressure to muscle tissue and move joints to reduce back pain from muscle spasms and weak joints.


An ancient form of alternative medicine that has proven to be the absolute best of all time in treating disease, Signature Plus experts use it to extract diseases and toxins from the body by placing special cups on your skin for a few minutes, this method has helped many of our patients get rid of the pain Inflammation and action on blood flow and deep tissue stimulation.

Dry needling

A modern treatment designed to relieve muscle pain by inserting several needles into your skin, which are thin and short needles made of stainless steel that do not inject any type of fluid into the body, which is why the term "dry" is used.